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Activity 1 Derrick Bird committed Mass Murder through Cumbria on 2nd June 2010. From the evidence it seems as if the reason for this spree was money related, his father had recently deceased and he wanted everything in his will killing his brother and his lawyer. He was also going through a tax investigation at the time. His motive seems to be personal at first mixed with financial and then turns into a mental disturbance as he kills those at random. His first 3 victims experienced high levels of risk as he specifically targeted them and the rest were of low risk as they had not done wrong or even know Bird. He left his home early hours of the morning with his gun and travelled to his brother’s home in his Citroen Xsara Picasso. After the killings he went to a nearby wooded area and killed himself following a pursue by police and a family offering there assistance to him. Each killing took mere seconds, apart from his brothers and solicitors which would have taken a few minutes. The villages in which the crimes were committed were Lamplugh, Frizington, Whitehaven, Egremont, Gosforth and Seascale. None of the victims were moved by Bird and they were discovered in the place of the crime. His first 3 crimes were organised as he set out to harm them and the rest were unorganised as he didn’t plan to kill them that morning. The crime was not staged to mislead police. All victims were killed by a Shotgun with wounds to the head and chest area and the bodies were in the positions that they fell in. The killings took place in the local villages, in the homes and on streets. Victims include: David Bird, 52, twin brother of gunman. Targeted victim, dispute over fathers will. Married, 3 daughters, killed in his home. Kevin Joseph Commons, 60, solicitor of gunman. Targeted victim, dispute over fathers will. Married, children unknown, senior partner of KJ Commons & Co

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