Summary of Cirue Du Freak

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The Title of this book is called Cirque Du Freak. The author has the same name as the main character in the book “Darren Shan”. The publisher is Harper Collins and is publication date 4 January 2000. The type of book could be class as sci-fi horror. It would be class that because it as monster such as vampires , werewolf’s, witches, and how that story line follows it. The author must of written the book , because the book is a way of what he wish his childhood was or a fun book for his children to read. Young Darren Shan has been fascinated by spiders from an early age. His best friend, Steve "Leopard" Leonard has grown up reading horror comics and stories of the Wolf-Man and vampires. After viewing the "Cirque du Freak" Darren and Steve are mesmerized by the fantastic and disturbing show, especially by the act of the mysterious Mr. Crepsley and his giant, deathly poisonous spider, Madam Octa. After the show, Steve sneaks back into the theater and confronts Mr. Crepsley about being a vampire. He demands to become a vampire too, and join the circus as Mr. Crepsley's assistant. The vampire refuses Steve upon tasting his blood, and declaring it "evil". Steve is enraged, and declares revenge on Mr. Crepsley when he grows up. Unbeknownst to Steve, Darren has hidden in the theater, witnessing the confrontation and becoming wary of Steve. Darren develops an obsession for Madam Octa, and returns to the theater to steal her, using his knowledge of Mr. Crepsley's true nature to his advantage. He trains the spider in secret with a flute that forces the spider to obey his commands. Eventually, Steve visits Darren, demanding to know why Darren is avoiding him. Darren lets slip that he had witnessed Steve's and Mr. Crepsley's talk by falling in a trap of "names" by Steve and that he had stolen Madam Octa. Darren gets distracted, losing control over the spider, which bites and
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