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Fears and Annoyances Introduction: I dont really have to many pet peeves at least none that really bother me.I mean I have things that annoy me once in awhile but nothing that keeps me up at night. So here is a few fears and annoyances. I. Have you ever walked into a spiderweb? Well i have, many times. A. Walking into spiderwebs is a fear and an annoyance at the same time. It Sticks to everything, your cloths, your skin, your hair and lets not forget the ever present threat of a spider now being on you. B. When I was younger I lived on a 60 acher farm. from a; 2 acher vegitable garden, to the 10 acher corn field or just being in the woods, walking into spiderwebs was a daily thing. when i was twelve My brother and I decided to race through the corn field. each one of us took a row counted down and…show more content…
the big yellow and black spiders that have the solid white zig-zag down the middle of the web. My brother, being the competitor he is, ignored all the spiders and finished the race. Transistion: So walking into spiderwebs is a scary and annoying pet peeve. Now i want to tell you about a couple of annoying pet peeve. II. Being a taker not a giver. A. Everyone has met one of these people. The person that uses the last of the toilet paper and doenst replace the roll, drinks your last beer, bumming a smoke even though they have a pack in thier pocket are just a few things. I understand if its just a joke, but doing it just to be rude i will never understand. III. people who interrupt you to correct your grammer or speech. A. I dont get it, i mean really, what do you care? its not going to hurt anyone if i say "good" or "well". or "can I?" and "may I?" Just answer the question! They want to correct me so badly that they pay no attention to the point that im trying to make, or the question that im asking. The only time it doesnt annoy me is when google rewords my search to better define my

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