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Wicked: The life and times of the wicked witch of the west Introduction Elphaba Thropp is born to a Unionist minister named Frex and his wife Melena in Munchkinland. The unusual thing about Elphaba is that she was born with green skin, unfortunately, the color of her skin cause her to be an outcast in Oz society. Additionally, her own family is revolted by her green appearance. During the early stages of her life, Elphaba is with her mother who is an alcoholic and the stepdad (Turtle Heart), the old Nanny, and her loving father. During this time, the Wizard arrives and takes over Oz. He becomes a cruel dictator and starts a campaign of oppressing the ethnic groups and animals. The central theme of this book is the oppression brought on to her and the animals by the wizard. Later in Elphaba’s life, she attends University of Shiz. At U of Shiz she is harassed and manipulated by the headmistress, Madame Morrible. Years later, Nessarose comes to Shiz, along with the Nanny. Nessa and Elphaba spent a lot time in the Quadling…show more content…
Around this time the ruler of Munchkinland, Nessarose, who is also a Witch, is killed by Dorothy's house when it falls out of the sky during a tornado. Elphaba attends the funeral and has a brief reuniting with Glinda who is now a Witch. The two quarrel about politics and Nessa's shoes, which Glinda has given to Dorothy. Elphaba and Glinda part ways on bad terms. During a meeting with the Wizard, Elphaba discovers he is from another world. Not only has she discovered he is from another world, but he might be her real father. Elphaba begins to become obsessed with Dorothy shoes and slowly loses her grasp of reality. In the end, the Wizard directs Dorothy and her traveling companions to go to Elphaba's house and kill her. After a short battle, Dorothy kills Elphaba by drenching her with water. Elphaba then is remembered as the cruel Wicked Witch of the

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