Kill Bill Volume 2 Film Studies Essay

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How does the film Kill Bill Vol. 2 use the micro features Cinematography, Sound and Mise – En – Scene to create meaning for an audience? Kill Bill Vol. 2 is a American thriller film directed by Quentin Tarantino (Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and more award winning films.) The is a movie all about revenge, it involves a group of assassins called the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. The main character Beatrix aka The Bride(Uma Thurman) was a member of the group but she was caught getting married in an old chapel church by her boyfriend of the time Bill who was the leader of the squad. He got his squad together and they attempted to beat her death and Bill finished her off with a gunshot to the head killing his unborn child. The sequence I will be analysing begins at 29.40 in the film and ends at 36:40 and uses the micro features, Sound, Cinematography along with Mise-en-scene. This extract from the film creates a lot of emotion and meaning for the viewer. As this scene is a very traumatic experience for the main protagonist. It is early in the film so this gives us time for the plot to develop further thereforekeeping the audience engaged. Firstly, the sequence begins with an extreme long shot towards the moon in the sky. The moon is big and takes up a good section of the screen, apart from that it is utter darkness and quiet apart from the odd sound of crickets hissing. This is used to make the audience feel tense and on edge, the idea that the place is remote and quiet is not a nice feeling for the viewer. The diagetic sound of crickets hissing is there to show us that nobody is around it is quiet and therefore creates a sinister effect. The camera then instantly changes to a close up of Beatrix’s face which is dirty and shows that she is either asleep or unconscious which tells us she doesn’t know what is going on which again adds to the

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