Se7en Movie Analysis

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MOVIE REVIEW #1 PSYC 2301-8001 Elliott Roberts Title of Movie: Se7en Year Released: 1995 Main Characters: Morgan Freeman Brad Pitt Gwyneth Paltrow Kevin Spacey Psychological Disorder: The psychological disorder in this film is the sociopathic behavior of Kevin Spacey. Movie Synopsis: Se7en is a psychological thriller about the “Seven Deadly Sins”. Freeman is a veteran detective that is about to retire and Pitt is his new to the department understudy. Pitt has a fresh go getter attitude towards the case, while Freeman exhibits tiredness of the job. The two of them are caught up in a case trying to catch a killer who is going off of the 7 deadly sins to set up his murders. Eventually they find out that the killer is Kevin Spacey. They find this out when Kevin Spacey turns himself in. At the time of him turning himself in he…show more content…
Signs that he is a sociopath are that he has no regard for right or wrong as they are concerned with laws of the land(Mayo Clinic 2010). Repeatedly violating the rights of others(Vorvick & Merrill 2010). This is shown in the fact that he not only kills the victims, but in how he treats them before hand. He also has sord of an omnipotent air about him. He is “playing god” by taking these people and showing their “deadly sin” and using it to kill them. Treating sociopathic behavior is extremely difficult(Mayo Clinic 2010). Most people don’t think they need treatment or want it. Most will need long-term care and follow-up. The common treatments are psychotherapy, stress and anger management skills, medication, and hospitalization(Vorvick & Merrill 2010). It is highly recommended as a family member that you get training on how to manage with someone that is sociopathic(Mayo Clinic
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