Jeffrey Dahmer: A Serial Killer

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Jeffrey Dahmer was a notorious serial killer who killed about seventeen young males and boys. Most of the victims were African-American or other minorities, but they were also homosexuals. Dahmer, a 31-year-old good-looking man from Milwaukee, would cruise gay bars and choose his victims by their skin color (mostly dark), attractiveness, and their physique. Jeffrey Dahmer would lure them into his apartment and that’s where he would begin his infatuation with his supposedly new lover. Dahmer would perform some of the most horrifying acts a human being could ever commit. In some cases Dahmer would drill holes in the victims head and then pour acid through the skull, he would keep the heads as a “souvenir”. He would also tear the bodies’ limb…show more content…
In his eyes he believed he did no such thing wrong. He blamed his outrageous behavior on alcohol. But one thing Jeff Dahmer had was wits because he did know how to out smart a judge. Dahmer at one time spoke on his own defense and the things he would say would make you think twice maybe he is truly sorry for his actions and deserves a second chance or maybe it’s just an extraordinary act which he plays well. The judge fell right into his trap in which lead Dahmer to be on probation for five years, serve a sentence for a year in the House of Correction and Dahmer would still be able to work during the day and return to jail at night. I would have to consider Jeff Dahmer has a brilliant yet wicked psychopath. Dahmer eventually got his ways but what the judge didn’t realized is that Dahmer would continue to hunt and kill even after Dahmer’s father wrote the judge a letter pleading him not to release his son until he received proper psychiatric…show more content…
His lawyer was left in an awkward state, he would have to completely turn around his defense case to prove now that his client was truly insane and only a mentally deranged individual would commit such distasteful lurid acts. Jeff Dahmer took the words insanity to the whole next level. The jury was forced to hear the Dahmer’s outlandish acts towards the victims. For instance how Dahmer kept his apartment crammed up with skeletons, 11 skulls, packages of genitals, and preserved and frozen hearts, muscles, and innards from his 17 slaughtered victims. Dahmer convinced himself that his acts were not sadistic but merely acts of enjoyment. The jury was left in disgust they felt though they were in a funeral and not at a trial for murder

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