A Jury Of Her Peers Analysis

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Response to: “A Jury of Her Peers” In “Jury of Her Peers”, a man is suffocated to death in his house. Investigators are in the case to try to find evidence to solve the case. The investigators divided into teams of two and the teams. The teams consisted of Mrs. Peters, Martha Hale and the attorney Mr. Henderson and Henry Peters. The main suspect of the case was the wife of the assassinated Mr. John. Mrs. Minnie Wright was kept in county jail while the investigators searched for clues or evidence that lead to the murder. The two groups which were separated, and consisted of two pairs of men and woman continued with their search, until the two women searched for another kind of evidence which not only included physical evidence, also psychological…show more content…
The authors in those days belonged to a modernist revolutionary era in which old values and traditions wanted to see a change. The story was written in 1927 which meant more and more women joined the battle against male chauvinism, to protect their rights as women. Also World War I was currently taking place. This meant many women had to complete chores by themselves while their husbands had to handle war. All that chaos contributed to the male chauvinism we see in our current society. Women had to handle that change without any moral support. It is also important to remember the important role women took in both world wars. A “Jury of Her Peers”, demonstrates how hard marriage was for all women who did not enjoy their relationships. Women in those types of relationships were treated as objects instead of being valued as women of freedom which represent intelligence, compassion, love and beauty. That is why those women found the evidence regarding the murder. Since they were women too, they managed to search for psychological evidence because Minnie Wright only stayed on the house which meant any clue inside the house is key to solving the

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