Gang Over Time Analysis

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In 1989 this author’s life drastically changed. This author was a 3-year veteran of emergency medical services and had just attained her paramedic licensure when she and her partner were involved in a gang shooting and both shot in the line of duty. This author witnessed who shot them and testified against the gang members. Now this author can say that she was young and naïve to even consider testifying against gang members let alone consider the possible repercussions of doing such. This event altered this authors life to what has become a life-long journey of helping others. A desire to stop others from suffering to the degree this author had to suffer some 20 years ago – how drastically things have changed in only 20 years. Gang…show more content…
They asked this author to come to the office because they wanted to speak with her. When this author arrived she was placed on the telephone with the district attorney from where she used to live. The District Attorney proceeds to tell her that her old paramedic partner and fiancée has been murdered. That they did catch the perpetrators but they do know it was someone from the gang involved in the original shooting. The District Attorney then proceeds to tell this author that the gang stated “we murdered him because we couldn’t find her. We wanted to draw her down here to kill her for putting away our homies.” Against the district attorney’s advice this author goes to the funeral under protection because she just has to be there to bury her fiancée. Nothing significant happens during the funeral and this author was taken back to her hotel room. The funeral occurred on Saturday and this author was to stay until Sunday evening for a group debriefing. Once back in her room this author got scared and decided to run. This author called the airport, changed her flight, and left immediately. Upon returning home this author acts like everything is okay and even goes back to

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