In Search of April Raintree

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English A 30 In Search Of April Raintree “ Character Sketch” April Raintree is the main character in the book I read and she is a Metis woman, who was raised in foster homes growing up. She has a younger sister named Cherly, who also grow up in foster care as well, April had a baby sister who she can remember as a child and finds out that her baby sister had passed away as a newborn because she was ill. April experiences a lot at such a young age. Growing up in the foster homes with two different families, April was placed in a second foster home because the first home she was put in, her foster mother became very ill and couldn’t care for April anymore. Social services placed her in another home which wasn’t a very nice home to be in. The foster mother of the second home was a very mean, cruel and verbally abusive to April. They would say things to April and she started to believe that they were true, like her parents been drunks and not wanting her or her sister anymore, telling her that First Nations people were dirty and thief’s. April graduates from school and had good grades in her classes. She then marries and moves away to start her life with her husband. After been married for some time she ends up having issues in her marriage. April then divorces her husband and decides to move back to Winnipeg, where she is originally from. She buys a new house for her and her young sister Cherly to live in. April ends up getting attacked, beaten and raped, While she was going to her sisters boyfriends place to pick up her belongings. The good things is that April remembered the licenses number on the car, the men who did that to her were caught and charged. When April was going to court, She finds things out about her sister Cherly and finds out that it was supposed to be Cherly who was to be attacked by these men. Apparently she was a prostitute and had gotten into

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