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Foster Mcfee is a 12 year old girl from Memphis. She is obsessed with baking all types of cupcakes to cakes. She was living a normal life baking and watching her mom perform as a backstage singer with her boyfriend Huck also called as Elvis at least he thought of himself as one. Well one night everything changes when they hear the window crash this is after her mom and Huck have a breakup and he is really mad so he breaks in and tries to talk to Rayka, Fosters mom and he ends up hitting her in the eye so Foster and Rayka run as fast as they could away from Huck trying to find any safe place away from him and his violence. They end up in a small town in Virginia called Culpepper where they find nice people that help them and soon Foster starts…show more content…
Charleena Hendly is an actress who performed in many hit movies until she decides to move back to Culpepper her hometown for a little break. She was very tired of making movies and also recovering from her heartbreak of her husband cheated on her for a model and left her. After all that she has her little helper Macon who cleans the house and does many of her errands around the town, So Macon friend of Foster introduces her to Miss. Charleena and one day Macon is so sick with a fever he cannot go at her house so he sends foster to substitute for him while he is sick. That’s when Foster gets a paper with many chores for her to do around the house given by Miss. Charleena and suddenly Foster keeps coming to her to asks her what the next chore says saying she forgot her glasses. But Miss. Charleena knows the actual truth of how she does not know how to read and she is lying to her so Miss. Charleena decides to step in and help her with the reading and soon they have a very nice bond with each other. So one day when she is very sick Mr. Stan her assistant calls her and Miss. Charleena does not want to talk to him at all and take any offers he has for her, but after a few day Foster tries to persuade her into going back into her Hollywood life and trying her best in what she does and so one day she calls him back and says she is ready to do the job and soon she gets back up and rises in her career because of the positive support Foster gave her and Foster learned how to…show more content…
This book is a very good inspiring story. The book was definitely very engaging the way the author wrote was very nice. This book deals with how people should hold on to their dreams and talents and no matter how much problems you face you should never give up. As I was reading this book it was as if I was with them there the way it was written was very well. Many events in the book were very sad and touching when Foster the main girl in the story keeps a pillow case just with her dads stuff in there after he died in the army, she lives with her mom and her boyfriend named Huck who isn’t as nice to Foster at most times making her call him Elvis thinking of himself as a really good singer making Fosters mom the backstage singer and some days he even hits her mom at times and finally one day they get into a fight making Huck break into their house and hitting her mom so badly that they have to run away from their house very fast finding a safe place with Huck coming behind them with his car chasing them and soon they outrun him and arrive to West Virginia. Foster a 12 year old girl with a huge love for baking can bake almost anything possible to bake but she only has one problem she can’t read at all when she starts “it’s like my brain starts to close

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