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Secret Life of Bees Sue Monk Kidd Section A: Lily Owens is fourteen years old and lives alone with her father, a peach farmer, in Sylvan, South Carolina. Her father is very abusive and does not believe her stories about the bees in the walls of her bedroom. Rosaleen, Lily’s nanny, believes Lily but also thinks that is acting foolish trying to catch the bees. The mood of the story is very sad. Lily’s mother died when she was just four years old. Her father is very abusive and does not treat Lily with any respect. She has a very rough life and eventually runs away. Section B: The main characters in this story are Lily, Rosaleen and August Boatwright. Lily is a fourteen year old girl who was born on July 4, 1950. When she was four…show more content…
She lives with her two sisters, May and June. August works as a beekeeper established by her grandfather. She has chosen not to marry because she doesn’t want to give up the “autonomy of her independent womanhood.” Section C: The exposition in the story is that Lily’s mother died. Lily’s father had told her that she was the one who had killed her at four years old. Every day she thinks about her mother, she always has flashbacks about the day when her father was being abusive towards her mother. Her mother had dropped the gun that she had in her closet, and that is when Lily went to pick up the gun and accidently pulled the trigger. The climaxes of the story are that Lily’s crush, Zach gets arrested for being with a group of friends when someone throws a glass bottle at a white man. After May hears what Zach did, she commits suicide. Than Lily finally told August the truth about how she killed her mother and how she broke Rosaleen out of jail. The falling action is when Lily confronts her father and August convinces him that she should stay in Tiburon. Section D: The major theme of the novel is the irrationality of racism. There are many racist people out in the world, even today. I do not understand why people are racist because we are all made

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