The Secret Life of Bees

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The Secret Life of Bees The Secret Life of Bees, written by Sue Monk Kidd a story about a fourteen year old white girl named Lily who ran away in order to find the truth about her mother. The story took place in South, Carolina in 1964, during the civil rights era. When Lily was four years old her mother died and ever since then her father T.Ray took care of her. T.Ray always mistreated Lily and always yelled at her. T.Ray told Lily lies about her mother that she left her because she didn’t want her. Lily didn’t believe in her father so she decided to run away with Rosaleen. She decided to go to Tiburon because she had a picture that belonged to her mother with the Black Mary on it and it said Tiburon. She thought that going there she would find something about her mother. When she got there to Tiburon she noticed the same Black Mary as the one in the picture. She asked who it made those and that’s when they told her about the August Boatwright’s. She went to the pink house hoping they knew her mother and try to get answers about her mother. She met the “Calendar Sisters” and Zach. The Sisters let Lily and Rosaleen stay at their house and they worked there. From the beginning August knew the truth about Lily, but she just waited until Lily told her the truth about why she ran away, August also knew Lily’s mother. Living there she worked with August and Zach. Rosaleen helped clean with May. Lily was happy living away from her abusive

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