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Fahrenheit 451 Relation Report The article I read was about a 15 year-old boy that decided to skip school and sleep on a couch in his grandmother’s basement. His grandmother was a 55 year-old police officer in Chicago and when she got home, she woke him up. She scolded him for missing school and it went downhill from there. The boy then attacked her by hitting her in the head with a lamp and stabbing her repeatedly in the head and body with a kitchen knife. The beating was so severe, the woman died from her wounds immediately. Teenage murder is the one main relation this article has to Fahrenheit 451. In the article, a teen kills his grandmother out of frustration from being told what he did wrong. In the book, teens are extremely reckless. Clarisse explains how she has lost several of her friends, who are teenagers, because of things like car accidents and shootings. Shootings usually happen because of tension/frustration between two or more people. This usually results in a death or serious injury such as the deaths of some of Clarisse’s friends and in the article, the teen killing his grandmother. The article shows two distinctive “seeds” of Fahrenheit 451 and they are teenage recklessness and death. I gave some examples on how teenage recklessness plays a role in the book. I’m sure it affected Clarisse’s life when she lost those friends. In the article, the teenager’s actions resulted in him killing his grandmother. In the book, there are many occurrences of death and in every one of those deaths, there is an affect. The first death that really rattles Montag is when the firemen are getting ready to burn a house down, and the woman that lived there started herself and her books on fire. When he got home from that, he found out that Clarisse had died. His wife, Mildred, has an addiction to pills that will most likely eventually kill her too. Teen murdered

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