Gun Control Problem Solution

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One of the most recent and predominantly exhibited problems of today is the abuse of firearms within the American culture. Since the effects of Illegal use of firearms have been currently rampant in the United States, our government has implemented laws to regulate offenders and format a solution in attempts to eliminate the accidents, misuse, and crime on the rise. Although it seems as if these laws would quickly diminish this problem, they have many repercussions. The rights of Americans, specifically the second amendment, are being questioned by the members of society who obey gun laws and safety regulations. This is creating an enormous debate and concern for many people, not only within our government. With crime rates increasing and horrific events taking place the solution to this problem is not easily resolved. However there are many new views on how to properly solve this problem without depriving American people their right to use firearms as a tool and possible means of survival. Not only have these incidents been growing in numbers, but have been widespread throughout the US. Many people believe that it may be due to the economy and the struggle of people living in poverty to provide for their families. However in many of the recent shootings the firearm abuser has had either mental or emotional distress in different forms. One example of this is the recent fire fighter shooting that took place in Webster, New York. Sixty two year old William Spengler armed with a Bushmaster .223 Semi-automatic rifle the same firearm used in the Sandy Hook elementary shooting a few days before, implemented a horrible act on December twenty sixth of 2012. The rampage that ensued on this day started mainly after William received the news of his mother passing. Convicted of first degree manslaughter in 1981 after murdering his grandmother he had been recently released on

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