Gun Security Research Paper

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Will an armed society provide us all safety? Knowing what is going around the world today make me feel unsafe, and sometimes I even worry about what might happen if I decide to go out, but is it right for anyone to carry a gun? Many people believe that anyone has the right to walk in to a store and buy a gun, while others think that they should be investigated in depth. Some grate suggestions are, background checks and identification papers. With the news is filled with murders, assaults, rapes, accidents, and many other crimes, I feel that we as a country have the right to ask for more protection. Thus, I think legalizing firearms would be a good idea in order to uphold, the Second Amendment, offer protection and criminals might feel intimidated.…show more content…
The Bill Of Rights was ratified on December 15, 1791. Many wish that that law had been left out, but the Second Amendment was added specifically for protection. If citizens decide to buy and have firearms in there house hold, only if they are willing to us it when necessary, the Constitution has a law to protect then. Otherwise there will be consequences. I believe that not just anyone can buy guns. The mental and emotional well being of the costumer has a lot to do with the final decision. I feel that because being mentally and emotionally healthy has a big impact on the reaction of people on the way they respond at time, there should take several tests done before approving the final sale of a gun. This test should include a CAT scan, PET scan, and a criminal history record. Both the CAT and PET scan should be evaluated by a professional, and based on his and her diagnoses, a decision can be made from there. How safe can a person feel, while going out a couple of hours? What is going through their mind? At times it’s awfully difficult to feel safe in your own country. Hearing and seeing that the news is full with murders, assaults, rapes, accidents, and many other unsolved crimes on a daily basis, makes me think of my chances of coming getting home safe. Caring a gun would give you the satisfaction of feeling a little more comfortable going out, and knowing you have a way to protect yourself. Everyone feel safer knowing that they have a source of protection in case of an

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