Gun Control And Crime Control In The United States

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Gun Control = Crime Control Jamie Cain Eng/102 10/01/2013 Mary-Angie Salvá-Ramírez, Ph.D. Since the beginning of time in the United States guns have been a part of the American tradition as a means of a protection and for hunting and sport. Today however, the use of guns has significantly changed. Many people feel that these gun control laws violate American citizen’s second amendment “the right to bear arms”. However, controlling the distribution and sales of registered guns and owners is necessary because of the criminals that use for them for violence and the homicide rates we have in this nation today. The purchasing and owning of guns and the purpose they are used for should be under control to prevent crimes of passion, reduce accidental deaths that involve handguns, and minimize gun related suicide. There are many sound reasons firearms should be controlled in the United States (Gun Control Facts 2013) Benefits of Gun Control One of the more important reasons guns should be controlled in the United States would be to reduce the number of crimes of passion. A crime of passion usually involves last minutes hasty decisions involving gun fire. Many people are shot following or in the result of verbal confrontations. Two or more people will get into an argument, tempers flare, and before you know it a person is dead.…show more content…
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