Essay On Gun Control

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About nineteen children are hurt from guns every day, in which twelve children are injured and seven children are killed. These are only just children. Imagine how many people become victims of gun violence every day. There is a lot of debate between whether or not more laws should be passed to control the ownership and manufacturing of guns in the United States. Can gun control laws reduce the amount of gun violence? The clear answer is yes. First, the suicide rate will lower if we enact more gun control laws. Next, making people undergo background checks before owning a gun will help reduce the risk of a firearm ending up in the hands of a criminal or a mentally ill person. Third, there will be more gun deaths if it is easier to obtain a…show more content…
According to an article titled “We need lawmakers to enact the people’s will on gun control” by Monte Frank states, “Currently, under federal law, a person on our terrorist watchlist can buy the Bushmaster AR-15 - the weapon used at both the Sandy Hook elementary school and at the Aurora movie theater - in a private transaction, without any questions asked.” Making people undergo background checks will make sure that bad people will not obtain a dangerous weapon. Right now, potential terrorists can buy assault rifles without being asked anything. Obtaining a gun is too easy, especially when criminals or potential terrorists can just go to a gun store and purchase them. Who knows if they are going to attempt a mass shooting the next day? More gun control laws will fix this and make it significantly harder for bad people to obtain guns. Others may think that it is an invasion of privacy to make people undergo background checks before obtaining a gun. Indeed, for a few people, background checks will be considered an invasion of privacy. However, it is very necessary. If there were not any background checks before owning a gun, it is possible for a terrorist or criminal to acquire a gun, like they can right now. Gun violence is a far greater issue than an invasion of privacy. Background checks will help make sure that guns don’t end up in the wrong
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