Informative Essay On Gun Violence

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Gun Violence Essay I believe if the government started banning guns and other weapons it would not limit gun violence. Just trying to ban a weapon or guns, wouldn’t stop the person from trying to commit the crime he or she is wanting to commit. I believe the only way they could reduce it is if they actually go door to door to every house in the United States and take every gun that that person has, and that still wouldn’t be enough. People will eventually find out that that’s what the government is doing and most likely try to hide their weapons if they wanted to keep them that bad. That’s why I think it would only reduce gun violence, not make it go away completely. Also if they the government did take away all the guns in the U.S I think it would be a more brutal way for someone to die, and what I mean by that is, it’s really easy to have a gun and shoot somebody, but what if there’s a person trying to stab you or choke you with a chain or something, I would hope you would at least try to fight back and not go down so easy like you would if a person had a gun because there’s not much you can do when someone is pointing a gun at you. The situation just becomes a big fight and you would probably die very brutally. Also I think about what it would do to the women of this country. Many…show more content…
Which seems nearly impossible. Everyone with a history of a criminal record should be prohibited from owning a gun no matter what the crime is. I feel like it’s fair and even though everyone’s criminal record might not be as bad as someone else’s I still think it would be for the best. I still highly doubt that doing a background check on people would reduce the violence because getting a gun these days is very easy. People can literally get them from anywhere. Also money would play a key big role because the people who really wanted a gun would make offers to these sellers and money is the root to all
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