Why Is Gun Control Bad

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Jhalan Jackson English Gun Control Guns can be used to harm people, or can protect the life of millions who have encountered a near death experience to a gun. Most people might be for gun control, which can have its positive, but can also have its negatives. People need to realize this is a world a cruel world we live in and the use of guns can also save the lives of many. So, why not protect yourself with justified actions? There are too many guns in the streets to take control of them all, therefore forget about trying to take control of the gun, and take control of a life or death situation. From experience being shot at isn’t a pleasant experience life as people know it can quickly be taken away from you all because someone decided to take your life at their hands. So do yourself a favor and purchase a gun to protect your life, and your family lives.…show more content…
The world as man-kind knows it will be a better place due to the fact that not having possession of a gun can leave people vulnerable to this world of violence. In 2011 close to 33,000 Americans were victims to gun-related deaths. This is a prime example on why people should purchase a gun to protect their households, and make a safe living for their family. Control what can be controlled, which someone is holding a person at gun point. What are they going to do wish that there was gun control? Or have a gun of your own to defend yourself. Cherish the life that people live and do what must be done in order to
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