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Gun control is without a doubt one of the largest and most polarizing social debates of the year. Gun control is the effort to regulate or control sales of guns (Oxford English Dictionary, 2013). One of the most recent shootings events took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The indiscriminate use of guns by individuals to harm society has brought the issue into the light of public debate. Gun casualties and incidents throughout the country have woken the public up from its ignorance and shown them the danger guns can pose to society (Martinez, 2013). While some people want a complete blanket ban on the ownership of guns, others wants an easier access to guns so that every person may look after their own security. Part of what makes the term gun control a very controversial topic is that it’s used in a ambiguous way that does not explain the details of the issue and the demands, apart from literally controlling guns. The two prominent sides of the debate are the groups who ask for liberal gun laws that make it easier for a person to procure guns and conversely, there are groups who want to repeal the second amendment. I personally am a strong believer that an “ideal society” should have no guns; nevertheless crime is a big problem to the citizens of our society and guns are necessary. Therefore, it is not recommended that we ban guns completely. The most pragmatic thing to do is to reduce the availability of guns and make it difficult to procure them by making sure that they are given only to people who are mentally capable of handling them. There is a definite need to ban guns since their liberal usage leads to large-scale public massacres, which are suited for the field of war, not civilized society. Weapons like automatic rifles and assault weapons are tools created with the purpose of mass killings. These kinds of weapons

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