Gun Violence Debate

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In a country full of violent crime, the United States continues to embody the gun as integral to it's protection and culture. While the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution grants the people the right to bear arms, the people must on the contrary protect themselves from those who bear them. In my view, guns give people a false sense of security and are more of a nuisance than a benefit. Guns are a threat to the peace and safety of society. Therefore, since it is unlikely that all guns will disappear in the United States, legislation must be enacted to ban and cease the further manufacture of the types of firearms involved in more violent crime than all others; handguns and assault-weapons. Through the evolution of time, man…show more content…
I have lost family and close friends to senseless gun violence. I have been shot twice for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. On another occasion I was coming home one evening from work and along the way I was approached by someone who pulled a gun at me to rob me and if it wasn't for my military training and the fact that the guy didn't know that the safety was on i wouldn't have made it, so I was permitted to walk away with my life. Apart from my friends who have been killed by firearms I know yet more friends, family and acquaintances that have been paralyzed, maimed, or wounded by gunfire. At times I feel as if I am incarcerated, even though I am a free citizen. I think the solution to ridding gun violence is to get rid of all the guns. Since that'll never happen, we need to make guns less accessible by creating federal legislation, applying it uniformly throughout every state. Easy gun accessibility is the reason why there are so many homicides because it is easier to pull a trigger than by attacking with a knife or other foreign object. I feel that handguns and assault weapons should be outlawed altogether because too many people misuse them. It is a tragedy that the United States being the most highly advanced nation in all respects ranks number one in homicide
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