Why We Should Have The Right To Bear Arms Essay

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Guns have always been apart of American History, from the Revolutionary War, up to our most recent war in Iraq. Citizens have used guns for protection, recreation, and hunting. However, people have always tried to find a way to take away people’s rights and keep this nation from bearing arms. Thus, many in this country worry that President Obama will really take away the right to bear arms. Therefore, gun control should not be enforced, because this country has a constitutional right to bear arms and gun control will not stop the violence in this great nation. This great country was born on trust and certain rights that have been given to the citizens. When the fore fathers wrote the Constitution and then the Bill of Rights, they thought that citizens should be able to protect themselves from criminals and other attacks. The men who founded this nation knew that guns would be important “to preserve liberty; it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms…” (Preface 1). He knew that the right to bear…show more content…
If constitutional rights are taken away then more people are going to become victims of these crimes. This country needs to feel safe at all times and being able to carry guns legally is the best way for that. This nation was given this right from the beginning and should not have that taken away. Some might say that carrying a gun or having one in your house will increase crimes. There is one question to ask those people. What are they going to do if someone breaks into their home or tries to rob them on the street and they have no defense for it? This country needs to take a stand and let the government know that citizens need weapons so that innocent people do not become the next victim. It is a constitutional right, and it is something that should never be taken
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