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Gun laws Laws over guns in America have been a well-debated topic over for many years. Should we put complete bans on them, and have a government buy back like many other countries, or do we stay true to the second amendment the “Right to bear arms.” The problem is that congress is too scared to do anything about the gun laws for fear of an outburst by the nation, so the issue sits idle until, one day something will have to change. My belief is that there has been too many crimes, too many tragedies involving guns. Too often do we hear that a man, woman, or child have been shot and killed, sometimes by accident too. On the contrary, I am a firm believer in our bill of rights; I believe that they are a good foundation of our government. If guns were used properly and responsibly for activities such as hunting, and personal protection, then this would not be such an issue. The biggest problem is: one, the quantity of guns owned by families across America, two, irresponsible usage of these firearms, and thirdly, how available guns are to the American population. Other nations around the globe…show more content…
I am one that is for stricter gun laws in America, as it is scary to think of future generations where gun ownership is just as common as owning a car. On the Whitehouse website, the first thing that popped up when researching about gun laws and violence with weapons was, “Now is the time to do something about gun violence.” Now to me, this sounds like congress has every intention to do “something” about guns and gun violence, but what? After the Sandy Hook shooting, in Barack Obama’s speech he mentioned that it was an “obligation” for America to do something to prevent events like this from occurring again. The site also says, “Most gun owners are responsible and law abiding.” The key word here is “most”. What about the others who are not responsible and law abiding? The question is when is our government going to

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