Arguments In Favor Of Gun Control Laws In The United States

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Gun Control “Opponents to gun control laws argue ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people”’(ProQuest Staff). Gun Violence is a major problem in the United States today considering the current gun control regulations are ineffective; however, laws can be made to accommodate for this and still allow the citizens to protect themselves from danger. “The role of guns in violence, and what should be done, are subjects of intense debate in the United States and elsewhere” (Webster). The people who have either seen, heard, or read news stories on gun policies might have come to the conclusion that mass shootings, the mentally ill, and assault weapons are the primary concerns in the debates; gun control laws disarm law-abiding citizens and fail…show more content…
‘“Good intentions without thought make for bad laws and I think we have a risk of that,’ said J. Reid Meloy, a forensic psychologist and clinical professor at the University of California San Diego, who has studied rampage killers’’’ (Goode). “This point-of-view article discusses how the decades of case law interpreting and applying the other provisions of the Bill of Rights point to the troublesome approach to gun control and constitutional analysis” (Rivkin). “But you wouldn’t know from the current gun-control debate. Several states, for example are considering gun-insurance mandates modeled after those for automobile insurance. There is no conceivable public-safety benefit: insurance policies cover accidents, not intentional crimes, and criminals with illegal guns will just evade the requirement. The real purpose is to make guns less affordable for law-abiding citizens and thereby reduce private gun ownership. Identical constitutionally suspect logic explains proposals to tax the sale of bullets at excessive rates” (Rivkin). “Private sales now account for more than 40% of all gun sales nationally” (Webster). “Can you name one law that would keep guns out of the hands of criminals” (Webster)? Assault Weapons Ban: “Handguns are used in about 90% of all firearm murders” (Webster). No legitimate study in the U.S. has ever shown that gun control has any positive impact on crime. People want to believe gun control will reduce crime, but the truth is that gun control will never work. History has shown that gun control will never work. Hitler tried it with Germany. England has tried it, Australia has tried it, and they have all been failures. Renewing the federal assault weapons ban would not decrease U.S. violent crime rates. “The president and his allies seem to have missed the message,

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