Pros And Cons Of Gun Control Essay

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Opposition to Gun Control The topic I am going to speak on today is a very controversial topic, especially as of late. It is not about abortion, gay marriage or immigration but of gun control. It’s no doubt in my mind that the terrible tragedies that have taken place are nothing less than horrific. So of course it is natural to point the finger at someone at fault, but one must be sure that they are pointing it at the right person. A lot of people state that gun control would be the obvious solution and many would agree with this. Yet this solution doesn’t seem to be as beneficial as one may think. An article published by the New York Times stated that 60 to 65 million Americans own over 200 million firearms. According to Firearms and Ammunition Industry Economic Report 2012, weapon manufactures employ over a quarter of a million people in the United States. Not only would us the people suffer, but also so would the government and our whole economy. Studies say that the government takes in over half a billion dollars in through taxes on the business of firearms. Not only in general would this move of taking away firearms hurt an economy, but also in the shape…show more content…
This may be true, and if so it will show gun control does not help as much as someone would think or like. In an article published by USA Today, it is mentioned that our government has already tried limiting our rights during the Clinton administration. The government banned certain semiautomatic firearms, and the result indeed showed that there was absolutely no different in the crime rate, absolutely none. Which has brought me to my next point, the black market. The black market is home to many goods that many cannot easily attain, quite ironic. Though the production of firearms may be one of the focal points of gun control, it is not the source. The New York Times said the black market was responsible for 87 percent of guns that were used in

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