Argumentive Essay On Gun Control

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Gun Control is Not the Answer For many years now gun control has been a major issue. Many, individuals believe that if guns were strictly controlled that it would greatly reduce the amount of crime in the U.S. Although, this may be true it is not the answer to the problem. Stricter control of firearms is an infringement on all individuals Second Amendment rights. Not, only is it an infringement on peoples Second Amendment rights, it will also punish hunters and sportsman whom us firearms to hunt for enjoyment. It would also limit the ways individuals protect themselves and their families. Gun control is not the answer. Guns to some people are evil, because of the violence and death the can create. However, other people see them in a completely different light. To some people a gun has meant the difference between life and death. There have been several instances where homeowners have had to protect themselves from home intruders with their guns. If, these individuals hadn’t have had a gun many of them would have never survived, they would have been killed by their intruders. What if that was one of your family member, wouldn’t you want them to be able to protect themselves? I would think so. Many people don’t think of gun violence this way but, it is very true. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” It’s the person behind the gun that causes the death and deviation known with gun violence. So gun control is not the answer to the problem. Law Enforcement needs to crack down on criminals and the illegal sales of firearms to help elevate the problems with the death or homicide rate. The normal everyday work class people do not need to be punished for the acts of criminals and drug dealers. If gun control were to take effect and guns were outlawed it would still not solve the problem at hand. It wouldn’t solve the problems because only the outlaws

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