Arguments For Gun Rights Essay

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An Argument For Gun Rights Everyone should have the right to own a gun. Forget the little fact that the Second Amendment grants us the right to own a firearm for one second. Most of us can agree that a gun is a useful tool. After all, law enforcement and the military swear by theirs. It also doesn’t make sense to blame an inanimate object rather than the individual behind it and the reasons why gun violence occurs. A gun is a tool, not unlike a car or knife. When a law-abiding citizen makes the decision to purchase a gun, it is usually for the purpose of self-defense. It evens the playing field between a victim and a potentially dangerous criminal. In the story “They Each Had a Gun,” Hannah LaMarca was robbed and assaulted with no way to defend herself. Had she been armed and trained in the use of a firearm, it is likely the outcome would have been different. We also can’t ignore the usefulness of a firearm as a deterrent to a criminal. Gun control advocates are so quick to cite statistics of gun deaths from any source they latch on to. It’s a shame that we don’t have much statistics for crimes that have been adverted because a robber or rapist changed his mind about attacking an armed person.…show more content…
However, Arthur Strang neglecting to keep his gun stored in a safe place is not a good enough reason to take away guns from the millions of responsible gun owners. What happened to the child was unfortunate, a terrible accident. But “They Each Had A Gun” raises a good point; more children by far die by fire than by guns, yet we do not ban or license matches. The same situation with Arthur Strang’s son and Bruce Kammerer could have taken place if you replace the gun with a knife or an accidental swing of a baseball bat, yet we are not in a rush to ban these items because that is not their only purpose. The same applies to a
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