Gun Control Persuasive Research Paper

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4,590 students in America are expelled from school every year for bringing a gun to class, an average of 88 every week, 12 every day.12 lives ruined everyday. 37 school shootings in 26 years, almost two every year. 22 billion dollars spent on buying and making arms every year, that’s 60 million dollars every day. The money that the world spends on making arms every year is enough to wipe out poverty in the entire world. All this for something that kills you. Something that can only bring violence to the world. Something that starts wars. It’s not people that are the murderers: it’s the guns and the people that make them. Approximately two million students in the U.S.A take a gun to school every month and two thirds of them just need to look around their house to find it. Most of these houses have loaded guns kept unlocked. The parents…show more content…
Only the illegalisation of the guns will make people acknowledge that these objects are harmful. In America owning a gun is considered a human right but people without guns also have a right to feel safe. This right is taken away from them when they experience school shooting or other crimes involving arms. Tens of lives wasted, a striking experience for the children that witness the carnage. All this and yet there is no response to the illegalisation of guns. It is a fact that if guns were to be illegalized the suicide and homicide rate will decrease by 25 percent. Thousands of innocent lives will be saved by just one law, and yet nothing is being done about gun control. We blame games for showing violent images, we blame T.V for showing violent shows and movies but aren’t we the ones that are at fault? People make the guns not games. Aren’t we the ones that keep guns in our houses? Parents should take responsibility for their children’s actions- not blame it on games or movies: they merely provide

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