Argumentative Essay: What Is Gun Control: Constitutional?

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Gun Control: Constitutional? Amendment II: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. In the United States Bill of Rights, the second amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms. This amendment has created one of our country’s most debated topics over the past decade. In recent years, the number of deaths caused by firearms has increased which has caused some citizens having the need to push for gun control laws. This has created a political war between Republicans and Democrats who have opposing views on whether the amendment is constitutional. Which side is correct and should gun control laws be put into effect? The founding fathers of the United States drafted a new Constitution at the Constitutional…show more content…
I believe that gun control laws are unconstitutional. Gun Control laws are only taking away our rights given to us in the second Amendment of the Constitution which are protected by the fourteenth Amendment. Forcing people to have background checks before purchasing a gun or making assault weapons illegal will not lower the level of crime that is caused by guns. These laws will only affect law abiding citizens of the United States. Why would a criminal follow gun control laws if he or she is already going to break the law to commit a crime? The gun control laws will be only hurting the law abiding citizens that enjoy using their gun rights for sport such as hunting. Gun control laws will be only taking away a form of protection that some people desperately need. Gun Control laws will only tear this country more apart and create more conflict between Democrats and Republicans. The United States Government needs to allow citizens to keep their rights and protection and live the way Americans have lived for the past two hundred

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