Abolish Gun Ownership Essay

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Should the United States abolish gun ownership? Introduction: The gun control debate poses the basic question: Who is more trustworthy, the government or the people? Argument A: Increases in gun control laws in the United States of America are unconstitutional. Increases in gun control laws in the United States of America are unconstitutional because the Second Amendment states that we have right to bear arms, citizens have the democratic ideal of life or justice, and statistics show that states with more gun rights have a lower crime rate. (Emotional arguments) Gun control is based on the faulty notion that ordinary American citizens are too clumsy and ill-tempered to be trusted with weapons. Only through the blatant abrogation of explicit constitutional rights is gun control even possible. “It must be enforced with such violations of individual rights as intrusive search and seizure. It most severely victimizes those who most need weapons for self-defense, such…show more content…
(Logical arguments) Young adults in Washington, D.C., are subject to strict gun control, but no social control, and they commit a staggering amount of armed crime. Young adults in Zurich are subject to minimal gun control, but strict social control, and they commit almost no crime. (Kopel, & D'Andrilli, 1990) Is a gun like a virus, a car, tobacco or alcohol? Yes, say public health experts, who in the wake of recent mass shootings are calling for a fresh look at gun violence as a social disease. What we need, they say, is a public health approach to the problem, like the highway safety measures, product changes and driving laws that slashed deaths from car crashes decades ago, even as the number of vehicles on the road rose. They want a science-based, pragmatic approach based on the reality of a society saturated with guns and seek better ways of preventing harm from them. (Marchione,
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