Stricter Gun Control Laws, Questions And Answers

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Gun Control “How many have to die before we will give up these dangerous toys?” This quote is from Stephen King a famous author and it was in support of banning assault weapons. Stricter gun laws will cut down on gun related deaths and will also prevent future acts of terror and violence. In 2011 there was 12,664 murders in the United States, 6,220 were due to handguns alone, that is about 49% of the total murders. This horrifying number has been the cause of some pretty big arguments over the last 4 years and let me tell you why. Most gun activists stand by the 2nd amendment but does it really make sense to do that lets just think for a second why was the 2nd amendment made? It was made so Americans can protect themselves from danger but do guns really protect us when we are using them to kill other each other and using them to commit acts of terror? The obvious answer is no but lets pause for a moment and just say that people need guns such as hunting rifles to hunt and handguns to protect themselves given certain situations, even with these exceptions there is no need for assault weaponry…show more content…
If you are put in a room of 30 random people all with assault weapons would you trust them or would you feel uncomfortable? Now lets take it a step further and say you are now in the same room with the same amount of people but one person in that room has a mental disorder and you have no way of knowing which person it is you just know that they have a gun and are in the room. Now tell me how you would feel, would you feel uncomfortable now? the point i am trying to make is not everyone is a law abiding citizen and it only takes one person and a gun to take the lives of many innocent

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