Gun Control Persuasive Essay Thesis

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Caleb Robbs Mrs. Hodgdon English III 2 May 2013 Gun control What do people think about when they hear gun control? Do thing about overruling or safety? The second amendment allows people the right to bear arms, it also allows people to own guns for self-defense and hunting. The government should not try and change the 2nd Amendment. They should not be able to take away our rights that were given to us long ago. The people of the United States of America do not like the government trying to pass this law. People use guns for self-defense and hunting. People are standing up for their rights and showing the government that they can’t walk on us. This gun control is making ammunition prices raise. Ammunition prices have risen 30 to 50% in the last five months. This makes it harder for hunters and gun owners of any kind to buy ammo. There are people who are stocking up on ammunition for the fear that one day these laws may be passed. This makes it harder for hunters to go out and get food for their families. This also makes it harder for people to hit the range to target practice. Bullets are harder and harder to find. People are finding out…show more content…
Guns do not kill people, people kill people. Drunk drivers and texting are one of the most causes of car wrecks but yet we do not outlaw these items. All the shootings and stuff that has happened is not because the gun wanted to do it but the person controlling the gun. Fertilizer killed people in Oklahoma on April 19, 1995 but you can still buy it and rent a van for less than buying a gun. It is not the guns fault for people wanting to kill people. People that do these things are psychopaths. They had a reason that they thought was good enough to kill people. Not all the people that were killed by guns deserved to be killed but the gun was being controlled by someone, the gun did not do it by
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