Purpose Of Gun Control Laws

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Ceasefire So what is the deal with guns? Are they a yae or are they a nay? Are they for offence or for defense? Is it for their safety or will it be their tragedy? The common perception about guns or weapons in general is always negative, and who can blame people for thinking that way? With all the violence people see on the news and in films we cannot help but assume that guns are just plain bad and dangerous. But are they really? Draw conclusions later and think about this first : Why were guns made? Guns were made to keep and promote peace or in short, to be an equalizer. But while trying to preserve that peace they ended up doing opposite. They did not realize that by using a weapon they promoted violence and war rather than peace.…show more content…
Its true that a lot of criminal /violent activity involve guns, like robbery, assault, murder etc. and no one can deny that. That is why there is the gun control law. The main purpose of the gun control law is to control who are the people who can acquire guns, how much ammo they can use and to get rid off loopholes like the gun-show loophole, in the hope that the crime rate would go down and will help make things safer for everyone. (Goldberg, 2012) But will that ensure that crime rates really would go down? It is pretty hard to believe that the criminals would just suddenly stop using guns just because the government would not allow them to. The truth is most of these criminals are smart, smart enough to not get caught, and with the gun control law the criminals would know that we civilians are less

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