Just Take Away Their Gun By James Wilson Summary

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Control Gun There are many different opinion of what causes crime. Some people say crimes caused by guns and some say the cause is the people before the guns. In New York Time Magazine on 1994 an argument essay printed by the author James Q Wilson which is “ Just Take Away Their Gun’’. Wilson wrote the opinion of government and public in the first paragraph. He mention what is the president and public want from gun control laws even the public think all new government laws will not work to reduce the illegal used of gun. I agree with Wilson criticism of gun control legislation in same time I agree with the public of the effective of the new laws. Wilson tries to propose some solutions of illegal gun and should control and ban the use of these guns. Wilson has some ideas and major actions to solve gun control debate. He mentions the relating between shrinking the stock of legally purchased guns and people self defend. The public opinion in this point is dangerous to shrink that. They believe should not be to reduce the carry of firearms, but put an end to them being carried by criminals. The government and public goal…show more content…
How would one select someone out of a group to be the one that looks like they are carrying a gun? I do not suppose it is possible to look at someone and distinguish if they are carrying a gun or not. This is unreasonable. One cannot judge by someone’s appearance the possibility of them carrying a gun. What would be used as criteria to ascertain if someone appears to be carrying a gun? .Their clothes, their ethnicity, their location, their gender, their actions? I seriously doubt that a police officer, even with meticulous training, could the police select someone, out of a multitude of people, who was carrying a gun. I think no body in USA will accept that even

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