The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control Laws

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Gun Control can be defined as legal laws that accompany the use, regulation and ownership of guns (fire arms) and safety that are related to guns through their use by criminals, direct use and legal use. Gun control has taken a position which is high profile in the politics and culture of US. According to Bouchard Michael over five thousands guns show takes place in US year. The killings which occurred in Virginia University ignited the debate of gun control in US. US citizens do not support bans imposed on the ownership of gun, but at the same time control of gun ownership. US citizens are further divided one group supports gun control while another group support the right to gun. Politically democrats and republican do not hold the same view on gun control. Most democrats prefers stricter regulations on gun control but the republicans are usually further divided into two groups some are for softer regulation while…show more content…
Given that the gun control laws will limit the number of people who have guns, but at the same time just like drugs the guns will still find its way into the hands of the criminals. This shows that the people championing for the establishment of a tougher law to control the flow of guns are protecting the criminals while exposing the citizens who law are abiding to danger. . (William eta’l’ 1990 Page 221- 297) The perception that the many people have about violence and guns is not the correct perception. Firearms do not contribute to the increased rates of violence and crime. The rate of violence and crimes currently being observed is have reduced compared to the ones pf 1970s,but the rates are currently high because of increase in male population of people aged between thirty five and fifteen. This age group is usually perceived as the generation of crime. (William eta’l’ 1990 Page 221-

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