How Does Gun Violence Affect Society

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Definition Essay Rebecca Simpe Simpe1 EN 101S Maria Ammar 4 March 2013 GUN VIOLENCE: A SOCIAL MENACE INTRO: Gun violence is one of the most talked about crimes in the world. In the US. for instance, hardly a day goes by without hearing news involving gun violence, though not all crimes involving guns are reported in the news. According to the National Institute of Justice, 11,346 persons have been killed by firearm violence and 477,040 persons have also fallen victims of a crime committed with a firearm. Crimes involving guns have been in existence for a long time and there have been a number of interventions to get guns off the street but, these have not really yielded much result. In the past four years alone, about 72 mass…show more content…
President Obama and His Vice, Joe Biden, added their voice for tougher gun laws to help stop mass shooting and everyday gun violence. These include, a renewal on the assault weapons ban , limiting high-capacity magazines, and expanding background checks for gun purchases as well as the new gun trafficking laws to help crack down on the spread of weapons across the country. President did personally promised to act without Congressional approval to increase the enforcement of existing gun laws and improve the flow of information among federal agencies to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and others who shouldn’t have them. Though many believe these proposals could help, others think this is not the only way to reduce gun violence among gangs, drug dealers and the mentally deranged. Rather Jonathan Stray thinks it is possible to address gun use instead of availability. Some public health and firearms experts have argued that solving mental issues will not help stop gun violence because they think that focusing on mental illness may not achieve much results because the vast majority of shootings are committed by people who do not fit the profile of those deemed dangerous. Moreover, by shifting the debate away from gun…show more content…
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