Gun Restrictions Essay

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Gun control is the issue on whether we should put more restrictions on gun laws or keep them the same. Personally, the gun laws in our state are fine and do not need to be changed. Even if we were to add more laws while it would only serve to make obtaining a gun even harder than it already is and would have no effect on illegal trade. Criminals would continue to smuggle and trade illegal guns regardless of the laws to be or already in place. Therefore putting down more laws wouldn’t make a difference as Illegal trading would continue to take place, as American citizens we have the right to bear arms according to the second amendment, any new laws would make getting a gun harder for someone who could use it as protection. One argument that…show more content…
As citizens of America it is our right to own a gun as stated by the 2nd amendment in the bill of rights. Adding more laws to our pre-existing ones will only continue to make the task of obtaining a gun harder and harder until eventually people will give up because they won’t want to deal with all of the new restrictions. It would also make the task of getting a gun for someone who would use it in the right way, such as for protection, much more difficult. Lastly, the belief that more gun control laws would reduce the murder rate is not true as most who murder with guns have gotten them illegally from trade. Even if it did while it may reduce murder from gun crime criminals would still have the option of other deadly weapons. These new laws would not stop criminals from obtaining a fire arm as most criminals don’t own a their guns as legal weapons anyway, they get them through the black market. Further restrictions would only make it harder for the citizens who would have a proper use for it but not for criminals. This is why many believe that gun control laws in our state do not need to be changed as they would make no difference to those who get them illegally. Putting down more restrictions would only serve to make law-abiding citizens who would have a purpose with it harder to obtain, and it go against our right to bear fire arms.
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