Why Should Gun Laws Be Illegal

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Gun Laws “Freeze, hands up!” Those are the words thought to be heard most when guns are around. But in reality those are just the words used toward criminals after their crimes are committed. What about the words associated with guns used to save lives in home invasion situations where the man of the house tells the thief their armed? Anti-gun activists believe that concealed carry of guns by normal citizens will end up with blood in the streets. The activists believe people will have gun fights over things as simple as parking spaces. Basically anti-gun activists believe that normal people can not be trusted with weapons to protect themselves or their families. Americans can be trustworthy with concealed weapons, gun laws do not affect the criminals of the country, and guns are not only used for bad to hurt innocent people. Americans have the constitutional right to own hand guns and stricter laws and licensing will not effectively save lives.…show more content…
Concealed carry laws “shall issues” which allow any law abiding citizen to carry a concealed pistol, has spread to forty states across the United States since 1987(wright). Millions of average Americans exercise this right, and there have been no explosions of crime, shoot-outs over parking spaces, or road rage gunfights. The law abiding citizen not only can be trusted with concealed weapons; it is our right to be able to protect ourselves and families, because the government and police cannot protect every single citizen and

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