Gun Control Problems

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Running head: Week 8 A Problem That Needs To Be Solved. An issue that seems to be on the rise more and more as time goes by is gun control. A lot of people believe that guns kill people. But I believe that careless people with guns kill people. No one ever said that guns killed Osama Bin Laden. It was the Navy Seals that caught him and killed him. And that is just one example. It was Benjamin Franklin who said “He who sacrifices freedom for security, deserves neither.” If you take all the guns away from Americans, there would be no deaths by guns and that is understandable. But if we as Americans have no way of protecting ourselves and the ones we love, then what is going to happen if the fight comes to our front door? What I mean is what if another country wants to come over here and take our freedoms away? There is a reason that there is an Amendment to give us the right to carry a gun. Everyone who opposes it, in my opinion isn’t thinking outside the box. Let’s look at the crime rate in our Nation’s Capital as opposed to a state that really has no control laws. Arizona has minimal laws in concealed carry. The only people who have guns are cops and crooks. I will attach a spreadsheet with this paper that shows the…show more content…
And when I get pulled over, I make my declaration. I have a concealed weapon, loaded but not chambered. The officer asks where it is and I tell him in my console. Sometimes the officer will say let me see your licenses and all you paperwork before he wants to see the weapon. Only once I had the gun locked back, magazine and the round that was chambered sitting on my dashboard. I know I make it seem like I get pulled over a lot but it has only happened about 4 times. Each time I had a concealed weapon. And twice I was speeding and did not get a ticket. You have to be a law abiding citizen to have a CCW
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