Gun Violence In Philadelphia

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“Gun Violence in Philadelphia”. In recent years the city of Philadelphia has become a war zone due gun violence. Innocent bystanders and police officers are all becoming the victims. Even though we have the right to bear arms, who will we blame for gun violence in Philadelphia? Innocent people are dying and the guns laws aren't changing. Guns have an effect on society today itself but in the city of Philadelphia or as they saw “the City of Brotherly Love” it has become almost a way of everyday life. People have been dying on a daily basis in this city and it such a nuisance. Every time you tune into the television there it goes “breaking news” officer shot on duty. One thing thought to create this mess is the gun laws in the city and country itself. The Right to Bear Arms was not meant to be taken for granted. But this is not the case in Philadelphia. Who would’ve thought one of our constitutional rights would have an effect on the life of today. We should be able to have this right but use it for a purpose. Resorting to gun violence instead of the old fashioned fists match is the way of many young folk. Families and friends are left grieving but no lessons are learned it just continues. Below I will show you which area of the city have the most gun violence. If you analyze the photo you will notice that gun violence is not the subject of just one area in Philadelphia, it has taken over the whole city As you see below it is a recurring issue, one hand to the other. From the easy access of guns which gun laws provide; that leads to the death of innocent people which results in even more guns. The reason more guns is the final result is because people the innocent lives lost’ family members result to gun violence also. I lived right next door to the mother of a police officer who died in the

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