How Does Gun Control Reduce Crime

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Gun Control There is a terrifying, indisputable lack of firearms control in America. This is one of the most debated issues today, however the way American people approaches this problem is as negligent as criminals. The aberration that surrounds this issue is misuse and misinterpretation of the Second Amendment. Often enough, the argument boils down to the Second Amendment which states citizens have the right to bear arms which has resulted in the crime rates and murders to skyrocketing because the people who commit these crimes have control of firearms. Could the Founding Fathers of this powerful country have remotely come close to envision our society in which teenagers could normally walk into a class room, pull out a loaded gun and murder…show more content…
Take three of our most friendly “neighbors” for example, in 1995, handguns were used in twenty-two homicides in England, sixty-eight in Canada, eighty-seven in Japan and 11,719 in America (Rosslyn, 5). In Moorhouse and Wanner’s article “Does gun control reduce crime or does crime increase gun control?” in The Cato Journal, study showed in New York City, the number of murders that occur in one year is seventeen times greater than in Northern Ireland who’s plagued by terrorism (Moorhouse and Wanner, 4). This degree of violence is unheard of in any other parts of the world, one may ask, why is there such an inconsistency between these nations? The fact that Germany, France, Canada, England, and Japan essentially ban handguns to the general public demonstrates the effectiveness of rigorous gun control. In addition, field studies were conducted in Portland and Vancouver to prove the effectiveness of gun control. The two cities are several hours apart by car, similar culturally in many ways, and have similar crime rates. However, guns are strictly regulated in Vancouver; turns out the people of Portland are at six times greater risk of being murdered with a gun than those in Vancouver (Moorhouse and Wanner, 5). Clearly handgun regulation works; when Washington D.C banned the sale of handguns, the murder rate dropped considerably, twenty-five percent (Moorhouse and Wanner, 9). This evidence indicates that tough firearm legislation would cause a drastic drop in the number of deaths involving
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