Argumentative Essay On Gun Control In America

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Haydn Collyer Topic: Gun Control Writing 122 9/25/12 The topic of gun control is a highly disputed one. I believe that America has more important matters to attend to rather than getting into a dispute over something that has been argued since its creation, firearms. To the average American a “gun” is something that is only made for killing and is only found in the hands of villains, criminals and law enforcement/military. I am here to tell you that that is not the case at all. Millions of honest Americans own guns. They are, to some people, “their life” it is a rush to shoot and collect firearms. The Olympics even recognize it as a competitive sport. So why is the public so scared of guns? The main reason is media. Think about it, all you ever see on the news is gun violence. You always see a detailed story on the latest mass shooting and you hear of it days later but you never see that story were a man defended his family from an armed assailant. You never see stories that show firearms under a positive light they are shown to the public as devil’s work. Information sources: USA Today “Aurora gunman reignites debate on devil's bargain” no author. YouTube, “gun owners side with…show more content…
I know that in the end I will still have my second amendment and I will still support gun owners and guns are here to stay. But what about restrictions, I believe that restrictions are important and an important part in our country. I like the restrictions that are set right now. There are a few points that I’m not so keen on but in the end all they are is inconveniences. For example the age you can legally own a handgun. I understand why they have the age set at 21. I, being below the age of 21, find it annoying knowing I can’t purchase a handgun but these restrictions will pass as I grow older and I will buy a

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