Argumentative Essay: Should Assault Weapons Be Banned?

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Every year, thousands of people die senselessly around the world because of easy access to assault weapons. Assault weapons are semiautomatic high powered rifle with a detachable magazine; examples are AK-47s and Uzis. These weapons pose a threat to the safety of our citizens and law enforcement officers alike, and therefore should be banned. History tells the story of these weapons being the weapon of choice in mass shootings, illegal drug operations and bank robberies. These military style weapons are made for combat and should not have a place on ourstreets. Assault weapons were also the weapon of choice in most school shooting in America and around the world. The crimes, mostly committed by students or former students who were able to access…show more content…
They claim that if shooters do not have the ability to shoot off 30 rounds of ammunition then just maybe you could reduce the loss of lives. Larry Ornberg, a well-respected Federal District judge of San Diego and a gun owner stated that “… by regulating the amount of gun ammunition we might be able to take the “mass” out of “mass shooting” or at least make the perpetrator’s job a bit harder”. In other words, if you limit the amount of bullets a gun round can fire, While it may be true that if you regulate the amount a magazines rounds a gun can fire, it might reduce the amount of casualties, you cannot regulate morality. If a violent criminal has his or her heart fixed on committing a crime, they are going to find the means for commit that crime no matter what. It makes no different if they have 10 of 30 rounds of ammunition. According to Lapierre, if you want to control violent criminal, take them off the street. Every time you catch a criminal, a violent felony or a drug dealer with a gun, you persecute them 100% of the…show more content…
However, at the time the US Constitution was written, it referred to a part time citizen army know as the state militia in which each able-bodied man in each state had to help defend his state. In “The Right to Bear Arms” Warren Burger, chief justice of the United States from 1969 to 1986 stated that “the need for a state militia was the predicate of the “right” guaranteed; in short, it was declared “necessary” in order to have a state military force to protect the security of the state”. The 2nd Amendment, ratified in 1787, refers to the state militia of that day. According to Burger, “some have exploited these ancient concerns, blurring sporting guns, rifles, shotguns and even machine pistols with all firearms.” There are a great difference assault weapons and handguns. Private Citizens should have handguns and not military weapons. It cannot be denied that if more people are allowed to own and carry guns, deaths and injuries from the weapons will also subsequently increase. However, the solution does not exist alone in any one law. Americans should restore the ban on military style assault weapons and a 10-round limit for magazines and enforce existent gun laws because weapons of war have no place on our streets. No law or set of laws can

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