Gun-Related Violence In The United States

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Gun Control It seems that frequently after a gun related tragedy get[s] the national attention of the nation, there is an attempt to discuss what, if anything, we can do to address gun related violence in the United States. We citizens must not wait for tragedy to strike for us to take action. Gun Control should have been on the top of the list of things to do to keep our nation safe. We must not continue to point fingers at Washington, or our own local state government, we have to get gun control on the table to find the solution. We need more gun control in our nation because; we will reduce the percentage of violent crime that goes on in our communities. By getting gun control we will seize to see many mass shootings that we have been…show more content…
Gun control advocates have several arguments that they feel will support their cry for gun control. First, they feel more handguns that are being bought without stricter background checks enables these guns to get into circulation that will cause violent crimes. It’s stated in the Cliff Notes that each day, on an average, 13 children under the age of 19 are killed by gunfire or injured by a gun. Most youth homicides are committed with firearms. In 2010 handguns comprised 68.5% of all gun murders in the United States (FBI 2010). At this rate and some of these statistics, we just cannot be safe as citizens in our…show more content…
What we are asking for is more background checks and more laws to make it harder for guns to end up in the wrong hands and the people that want to cause harm to others. One key item that studies have found that gun control laws affect the use of specific guns in violent crimes, but do not affect the crime rate itself. This is true to some extent, and what we want is mass shootings to end. This will not stop criminals and mentally ill people from buying guns on the streets. Yes, true but if we gun owners are responsible gun owner, and we do the right thing we can stop guns from reaching the streets. In the end, a sensible approach to gun violence would include prohibitions of all assault type weapons, more regulation of handguns, and working to make sure federal, state, and local have the tools to enforce the laws relating to firearms. I don’t know if gun control would have prevented the tragedies that took place in our nation, but I do believe that a fear of gun control will prevent us from understanding them. Gun ownership is a type of culture, and talking about whether gun control is right or wrong requires us to acknowledge this. We have to first admit that gun ownership changes a person. Once we are able to do this we will be able to discuss how and why it changes a person. We will be able to understand whether this change is

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