Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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Jeremy Kazmierczyk Mrs. Philips Brit Lit/Comp I 26 March 2018 Gun Control’s Broken Promises Is taking away the American citizen’s right to self protection the answer to criminal violence? While the constitution seemingly protects Americans’ right to bear arms, many disagree that gun rights are necessary because of violence that has occurred with the use of firearms. Many Supreme Court cases have taken place with firearms as the subject, and firearm ownership has been regulated and restricted by many states across the U.S.A. However, the debate still remains whether or not further gun control is still needed. Gun Control is not a logical solution to gun violence because it is not proven to be effective in reducing crime, it limits the…show more content…
Although people claim that gun control has been effective in certain places, evidence seems to suggest otherwise. After a gun ban in Britain in 1997 thousands of weapons were confiscated by the British Police Force. “Gun crime in England and Wales rose by thirty-five percent for all firearms, and by a whopping forty-six percent for the banned handguns. Nearly 10,000 firearms offenses were committed”(Malcom). Gun control has also been implemented in some U.S. states and cities. While Chicago’s gun laws are not as strict as they once were, it still holds a very high gun violence rate due to an illegal market of gun selling(Lee). Although the killings decreased from 2016, they are still above the yearly records for the past decade(Park). Furthermore, enacting gun control laws does not prevent mass shooters from obtaining guns. There are hundreds of millions of guns in America. So, eliminating the ability of people obtaining some either illegally is impossible. A black market is likely to occur if guns were made illegal(Farago). It is already evident that illegal guns are being used in far more gun crimes than legally bought ones. Seventy-nine percent of all gun crimes in Pittsburgh for example were committed by gun owners who obtained their guns illegally(ingraham). This evidence and basic logic clearly shows that gun control is not effective against gun

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