Gun Laws Persuasive Essay

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People were trying to hide anywhere possible; under tables, behind the counter, and even in the bathroom. The harmony of this quaint restaurant was shattered by the sounds of shattering glass and gun blasts. A beat-up pickup truck drove through the window in the front of the restaurant with, and, with no warning or plausible explanation, the driver of the truck stepped out and began strategically executing everyone in his path with a 9mm pistol. After the first round of shots were fired, a middle-aged customer leaped at the man, trying to rid him of his weapon. This failed attempt of heroism left him lying lifeless on the cold, linoleum floor. His terrified wife sat helplessly, cradling his head in her hands as she stared up at what she knew…show more content…
For example: more people are killed in Chicago than in Kentucky in any given month due to the improper use of a firearm, accidental or otherwise. It would seem, given the crime rate, that the people of Chicago would be more in need of a handgun for self-defense than those of other cities nationwide. Chicago city lawyers think that states and cities should be able to work out their own solutions to gun crime. There is irony in the fact that when the ban on handguns was lifted in Chicago, the burglary rate dropped from 881 in 2007 to 170 in 2008. The burglary rate from 2008 has also remained steady to present day (Joan, 2010, p.…show more content…
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