Shootings In Detroit

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Let’s talk about shootings that have been going on in our metro Detroit area. This topic is important because we’re constantly losing people to these terrible tragedies every day. Crime in Detroit, Michigan as decreased significantly since 1970s. Every week the rate of shootings and killings go up more and more. The FBI reports for 2008 shows that the numbers of violent crimes dropped 11.6% in the city of Detroit. From 2000 to 2004 Detroit’s rate has dropped 23% drastically. In 2007, the city had the sixth highest rate of violent crime among the twenty-five largest U.S. cities. FBI reports In 2010, city of Detroit neighborhoods were not listed as among those in major cities with the 25 highest crime rates in the U.S. as reported by neighborhoods. Detroit recorded 308 criminal homicides in 2010, a 15.4% drop from the previous year’s count of 364. Non-fatal shootings were also down 10.5% from the previous year. We the people should be concerned about this each and every day because it’s getting dangerous and out of hand. Detroit is the capital of Michigan and without it we pretty much don’t have anything. In 2007 analysis said that Detroit officials noted about 65 to 70 percent of homicides in the city were confined to a narcotics catalyst. Now days there are way too many shootings going on over the stupidest things. A lot of our young men in today’s society are getting their lives taken a young age. People are fearful much more than back then in our metro Detroit area because the violence and death rates continue to go up. Every day you hear of a young male getting shot/killed or a young woman getting abused then killed. Crime is obviously distributed throughout the city. In 2006 study showed crime in downtown Detroit is much lower than national, state and metro averages. According to a 2008 report the Detroit Police Department under-reported homicides through

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