The Importance Of Gun Control Laws In The United States

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The Second Amendment is a law that was formulated to give the citizens of The United States of America the right to own and bear firearms. More gun control laws have been set in place as a deterrent for criminals to purchase firearms. Gun control laws are not the only way to avoid and protect criminals from purchasing firearms. Even with the gun control laws, debates, the Second Amendment and the Tiahrt Amendment, there is a lack of enforcement of these laws which has caused more violence. There also has not been a reduction in the number of criminals with guns. Research and statistics have proven the high volume of illegal guns has increased along with the homicide rates in the United States of America. Without proper implementation of…show more content…
This law was formulated as a guarantee to the law-abiding citizens the right to bear a firearm for the sole purpose of self-defense. Although this law seemed to give more freedoms to the citizens of The United States of America, it has become a law over-ridden by criminals. The Institute for Legislative Action was developed by The National Rifle Association in 1975 as a means of defense against any gun control laws. The National Rifle Association’s mission statement was written with the intention of preserving and defending the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment was designed to guarantee the ability of law-abiding citizens to own and use firearms for legal purposes (The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action, 2010). Even with the current gun control laws and their supporters, there are associations opposing against any and all types of gun control. The opponents of gun control, such as the National Rifle Association, argue that the “right to bear arms” is their guarantee under the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. This association also argues the licensing restrictions…show more content…
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