Gun-Control Debate Paper

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Do Stricter Gun-Control Laws Help Prevent Gun-Related Injuries/Deaths? Gun control arguments are a hot topic in America and around the world; it is a topic not likely to go away anytime soon. Arguments for and against carry their own merit and can be lengthy and broad by nature, but our intent is to debate the effect of gun-control laws and the effect they have on gun-related injuries/deaths. The argument presented here will get to the crux of why laws should or should not be enacted to prevent social ills. Most agree that gun-related injury or death of innocent citizens should never be tolerated, but there are opinions on the course to take in an effort to discover a solution. This paper will offer problems and solutions associated with past and present efforts to manage the issue of gun-related injuries/death. This paper will also render the discoveries and opinions of the above-mentioned group members as it relates to this controversial topic. Stricter gun-control laws do not help prevent gun-related injuries/deaths One method to prevent gun-related injuries/deaths is to make serious efforts to treat depression, mental health issues, and drug abuse in society. A large number of gun-related injuries/deaths are committed by members of society that have untreated disorders and others that simply neglect firearm safety rules and existing gun-control laws. Unfortunately, many deaths and injuries occur before anyone realizes any mental health issues, depression, or drug abuse is occurring. These problems are alarming, and the improper use of firearms causes more than 35,000 people to die each year in the United States. The evidence of improper gun use is staggering, the United States does have one of the highest murder rates in the world and is home to a tremendous number of guns; but people kill people, and the solution to the problem does not lie in more

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